Sunday, January 21, 2007

Intel drops logo after 37 years!

Redesign of Brand identity

From “Intel inside’’ to “’Leap ahead” is in keeping with Theodore Levitt's 1960 classic ''on avoiding marketing myopia. Intel’s effort to rebrand is to focus on the reason why they are in business. An aggressive $2.5 billion dollar campaign is an attempt to remember they are in business not for PC’s but in the business of Technology.

Intel’s has scanned the environment to realize they need to listen to the changing consumer demand. Phillip Kotler's Marketing bible emphasizes on scanning the environment and keeping up with changes.
1. The PC business is slowing down.
2. Apple's a big partner which is consumer electronics heavy.
3. AMD it's closest competitor gaining market share.

''Intel Inside'' was used to persuade consumers and businesses that the processor inside a computer was more important than the brand name on the outside.
`Leap Ahead' is about TECHNOLOGY!
Integrating the Intel Inside® logo was created in 1991, and the original Intel “dropped-e” logo, created by Silicon Valley pioneers Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore 37 years ago. Intel’s new logo combines the tradition and where they are headed for the future.

So what do YOU think of the new logo ?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Changing a logo is very difficult and dangerous. From "overnight" to what? "The world on time"? From Xerox it, to ? From Intel Inside to Leap ahead? Once a mind has set its pattern and intention, it's very difficult to change. Rather then saying they need to change the logo/tag, they need to make it matter that INTEL is INSIDE! They are losing their edge. Don't give in, rather regain the value of your brand! Hi Jessmy....

10:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Part 2: The new Leap Ahead means that Intel is cutting edge and you are leaping ahead. BUT, Intel is just a component of the finished product. They are not the finished product, but add value to it, and perceived value at that (sometimes). What if the product is a basic one, does Leap Ahead fit? Does Intel inside fit? Marketing Myopic is an interesting subject, But sometimes it's best just to PEAT and REPEAT...GOT MILK, CLASSIC COKE, PRICELESS... Will the consumer let you change? Should you change or just go back and retrench and take back over the turf that was once your? Who Knows, THE SHADOW KNOWS!!! Good luck in the J.D. Power Open!

11:02 AM  

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